Export Gmail Emails to PST File

Looking to make the copy of your emails stored in the Gmail account into Outlook. Gmail users have an utmost need to export Gmail emails to PST files due to the need for having a local copy of their data. One of the efficient ways to do the above-mention task is by choosing a professional backup tool. You can try the Shoviv Gmail backup tool, one of the highly productive software that deals with the backup-related work for the Gmail account.

The software comes with lots of advanced and user-friendly features which makes the user experience working with the tool much better. One such feature is default incremental, which makes every interrupted process resume from the last interruption point. While initiating backup the software gives you the option to schedule it.

You can schedule the Gmail backup at your convenience, but there are only three time periods that you need to choose from daily, weekly, and monthly. Shoviv offers the trial version of this software makes it easier for anyone to test its working.

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